Bobbi Harlow was a character in the early days (1982-1985) of the comic strip Bloom County. She later drifted off and eventually disappeared, as Bloom County shifted from realistic plots oriented around its human characters to more fantastic plots involving the animal characters.

Bobbi Harlow was the grade school teacher at Bloom County's elementary school, where she taught the 5th grade class, including Milo Bloom and Michael J. Binkley. Her motivations for teaching involved spreading "a little bit if feminism" and other progressive political beliefs to the backwater of Bloom County, which on occasion got her in a bit of trouble.

Bobbi's personal life also turned troublesome on more than one occasion. The beautiful, idealistic young Bobbi was attractive to men, including, as is often the case, the not-so-beautiful, shallow young Steve Dallas. However, Steve Dallas is supplanted before he can cause Bobbi too much embarssment when Bobbi is swept off her feet (literally) by Cutter John. All of Bobbi's relationships caused quite a bit of trouble with her conservative parents, who didn't approve of Bobbi's lifestyle or politics. The entire state of Bobbi's relationship was never resolved, as her entire plotline just slowly faded away as Bloom County shifted focus.

Bobbi Harlow was a character that I personally found very appealing because she captured the essence of the young idealistic school teacher that young teenage boys so often get little crushes on. I personally had at least one school teacher that resembled Bobbi a great deal.