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An affectionate, embarrassing and mildly insulting but certainly not offensive slang term referring to two individuals who are often found by friends and aquaintences performing such curious activities as locking lips, sucking face, swapping saliva, experimenting with the friction method, tongue fighting, indefinitely performing mouth-to-mouth resusitation, experiencing mutually dangerous levels of hormonal imbalance which has a tendency of eventually causing pregancy unless one or both remain honor-bound to utilizing prophylactics and practicing safe sex, and otherwise participating in public displays of affection (PDA) which allows their friends and associates to make laborious fun of them. Along with declarations of "snugglebunnies," passersby may hear other exclamations such as:
  • "Johnny and Janie sittin' in a tree. K-I-S-S-I-N-G, first comes love then comes marriage then comes Johnny in a baby carriage. Suckin' his thumb, peein' in his pants. Doin' everthing and the hula dance!"
  • "I hope you're both not wearing braces,"
  • "take cover! she's gonna blow!",
  • "ooh I didn't know that move was possible with the clothes still on,"
  • "you do realize she's married, don't you?",
  • "isn't that illegal in this state?"
..and of course the inevitable, "oh geez! get a room will ya?"

The term 'snugglebunnies' is taken in response at differing degrees depending on how secure both individuals feel in their mutual snugglebunnyness towards one another. They may be easily embarrassed, and may break the strangle hold of sinful penguin lust they find themselves lost in, pretending nothing was going on ("she had something in her eye I was helping her get it out.") Or they may wave off their longtime friends, preferring to burn in hell and be lost in the natural high that hormonal imbalances tend to subject to the central nervous system of most mammals and some comic strip characters.

Snugglebunnyness is the state or condition of being one of two or more snugglebunnies at the time snugglebunnying is being partaken. Snugglebunnying is the actual act of snugglebunnyness performed by two or more snugglebunnies. Snugglebunnying usually involves keeping at least some of the clothes on, and is most noticably used in comic strips and not in real life. In real life snugglebunnies tend to take things a bit too far: please see Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

Back in 1983, Ed Meese considered this a naughty word, and once demanded Bloom County cease and desist using the word in the funny paper. Milo Bloom and Michael J. Binkley proceeded to scream this less than conservatively acceptable word at the top of their lungs. They soon found themselves before a Senate Subcommittee accused of having encouraged Paul Reubens at a particularly low point in his life. Binkley insisted all he shared with Pee Wee Herman was nasal spray. Milo demanded that the tapes be shredded. Only Ted Kennedy knows what this has to do with snugglebunnies but he was under the tables during the hearing with Suzanne Pleshette and could not be reached for comment because they were performing something from the Kama Sutra which involved shoulder dislocation...

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