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Juicy Fruit is a brand of chewing gum in the United States, part of the Wrigley Companies line of chewing gums. It has been around for over a hundred years.

In the 1980s, Juicy Fruit was marketed with the slogan "The Taste is Gonna Move You", and the advertisements featured young people engaging in what we now call extreme sports: windsurfing and waterskiing in the "summer" variant, and skiing in the "winter" variant. The idea being that the sweet, fruity taste of Juicy Fruit is energizing in a way that will invigorate people to the point of engaging in exhilarating athletic endeavors. It was the same pitch that, a few years later, would lead to Mountain Dew being associated with extreme sports. (NB: in the 1980s, we had Mountain Dew, but it had no connotations of extreme athleticism, and was just what you drank when you were out of RC Cola, and also we didn't have "extreme sports" yet).

While I can imagine the connection between the fruity fresh taste of Juicy Fruit and brisk activity, I do wonder at which point the gum marketers sat down at a table and thought "Okay, so Big Red is the Sexy one, and Juicy Fruit is the Sporty one", as if their gum line was the Spice Girls (NB: We didn't have the Spice Girls yet, either). It seems it might have just as well gone the other way, with the idea of "fruit=romance" and "cinnnamon=danger" being just as intuitive. But as I said with Big Red, those marketers must have known what they were doing, because thirty years later, I still remember the jingle and marketing hook.