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Orick, California is a small, unincorporated town in northern Humboldt County. Its population is only a few hundred people, and it has declined in recent years.

Orick is situated where Redwood Creek (which, despite its name, is actually a river), enters the Pacific Ocean. It was originally a population center for the Yurok people, and its name means "Mouth of the River". Orick is the only settlement with gas, food or lodging between Klamath, 20 miles to the north, and Trinidad 20 miles to the south. Along with some ranching, the main industry of the area is tourism, sometimes simply by dint of it being the only gas or grocery store for many miles around for travelers north and south on US Highway 101.

Orick is noteworthy for the extreme natural beauty around the town. A mile outside of town are long, straight Pacific beaches that stretch for miles, and the surrounding hills are full of some of the largest remaining Redwood forests, and are the site of Redwoods State and National Park. The town itself, however, has seen better days. While it used to have a movie theater and many more businesses, it is now simply a store, a post office, and several restaurants. Especially with the current cut-down in traveling, Orick faces an uncertain future.

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