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A member of the super-hero team the Avengers published by Marvel Comics.

T'Challa is the king of the African nation of Wakanda. His father T'Chaka was killed by Ulysses Klaw, a mercenary who sought to steal the nation's deposit of Vibranium. Vibranium is a rare extraterrestrial metal whose properties allow it to absorb vibrations and the force of impacts, making it a highly sought commodity. T'Challa swore vengeance upon his father's killer and tracked him down. Klaw lost both the Vibranium and his hand in the encounter.

T'Challa traveled the world after his father's death, being educated in the world's finest institutions. Returning to Wakanda, T'Challa was required to pass two tests before he would be allowed to lead the nation. First, he was forced to combat the six finest warriors in Wakanda and defeat them in unarmed combat. Second, T'Challa had to obtain the heart-shaped herb that gives all of the leaders of Wakanda their power. T'Challa passed both tests and was granted the right to wear the mantle of the national totem, the Black Panther.

The Black Panther has enhanced speed, strength, endurance, and senses from ingesting the heart-shaped herb. He is a superb hand-to-hand combatant and is an accomplished tracker. His costume incorporates a number of technological enhancements, making him a formidable opponent.

Under T'Challa's leadership, Wakanda has become a wealthy, technologically advanced nation. During this time, T'Challa met Captain America and was offered admittance into the Avengers. Accepting his offer, T'Challa took a leave of absence from his royal duties and served as a member of the super-hero team for many years. Upon returning to his home, T'Challa was shocked to learn that it was in turmoil from his lack of leadership. T'Challa has since returned his nation to order and is working to make it a power in the world.