An extraterrestrial metal which appears in titles published by Marvel Comics. The two types of vibranium first appeared in Daredevil #19 in 1966 and Fantastic Four #53 in 1966.

The lesser known of the two Marvel Universe metals (the other being adamantium), vibranium is a metal of extraterrestrial origin. Two types of the metal have been identified over the years, though the two types have completely differing properties. Vibranium is exceedingly rare and therefore extremely valuable. It is often the target of villains who wish to control the metals for their nefarious schemes.

The first type of vibranium is commonly known as Wakandan vibranium, as its only known source is in the African kingdom of Wakanda. This type of vibranium has the ability to absorb any outside vibration including sound and store the energy within itself with the only change in property is an increase in the durablity of the vibranium. Hence, vibranium that has absorbed a great deal of energy is incredibly hard to break. The metal was first seen when the Fantastic Four and the king of Wakanda, the hero known as the Black Panther, attempted to stop a mercenary named Klaw from gaining the metal. During the ensuing battle, Klaw was transformed into a being composed of sound and battled the heroes, but was ultimately defeated.

Wakandan vibranium was melded in a freak metalurgical accident with a sample of admantium by a scientist to create a alloy that was completly unbreakabe and resistant to nearly all forms of energy attack. The metal, by a lucky coincidence, was fashioned into a disc shape and ultimately became the now famous shield used by the hero Captain America. One hates to think of the incredible waste that would have resulted should the scientist have used the metal to create something less military, like an unbreakable mailbox, toenail clipper, or spoon.

The other type of vibranium is known as Antarctica vibranium as the only known sample of this is located in the Savage Land, an area in Antarctica that contains dinosaurs and many varied races of humanoids. This type of vibranium has the effect of causing molecular bonds of metals within its vicinity to break apart without any release of energy, effectively melting the metals. This has caused this type of vibranium to also be known as "anti-metal." Needless to say, collection and containment of this type of vibranium is problematic at best and its effects can cause great damage to property as well as life forms as it will also melt the metallic salts in the body.

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