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The capital city of Krypton. Prior to the destruction of the planet, the villain Brainiac shrunk the city down to microscopic size and put it in a bottle, taking it with him aboard his spaceship. The city stayed in Brainiac's possession until he came into conflict with Superman while trying to perform the same act upon the city of Metropolis. Superman defeated Brainiac and rescued the tiny city, taking it to his Fortress of Solitude.

Superman was unsuccessful in finding a way to return the city to normal size, but he was able to shrink himself to visit the city. He maintained a Kryptonian gravity level for the tiny city allowing the city and its inhabitants to live a relatively normal life. The inhabitants of Kandor all know about Superman being Clark Kent.

When Superman visits Kandor, he does not have superpowers, but when on a visit there with Jimmy Olsen, the two created costumed identities for themselves, so that they could fight crime. As Nightwing and Flamebird, Superman and Olsen fought crime in Kandor. Their base of operation while they were in Kandor was the nightcave and they used rocket belts to travel.

The reason that Brainiac chose to shrink the city of Kandor was never sufficiently explained. Whether it was for some diabolical experiment or just a Martha Stewart home project just gone terribly wrong, we are left to wonder.

The other problematic issue of the Kandor stories is the Kryptonian gravity bit. The fact that the gravity in Kandor was such to make Superman act like a normal human should also tell us that if Superman brought a normal human like Jimmy Olsen to Kandor that Jimmy would be a red smear on the pavement. But it pays not to think about these things too much.