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"Could We Start Again, Please?" is a song from the musical Jesus Christ Superstar Jesus Christ Superstar was created in 1969 as a concept album, the lyrics by Tim Rice, the music, Andrew Lloyd Webber. The staged production of Jesus Christ Superstar debuted on Broadway in 1971 at the Mark Hellinger Theatre. Yvonne Elliman played Mary Magdalene, who sings the song "Could We Start Again, Please?". She also played Mary in the 1973 film version. When the show opened in the West End in 1972, Claire Moore played Mary. The song is one of the last in the show, after Christ has been arrested, and it expresses the confusion and sorrow of His "failed" mission.

The Song is structured as follows:

A, B, C, A, C, conclusion.

A and B are the first two verses, C is a transition, and then A and C are both repeated. The conclusion is the repeating of the line “Could we start again, please?..” The first two lines in C are different melodies, but then on the third line, C returns to the notes that sung in the first two verses.

The first two verses (A, B) have the same melody and are sung legato and at mezzo forte. Then, at C, a different melody is sung on the first line, but on the second line of the verse, the melody returns to the original. There is a slight crescendo to forte the first time C is sung, and then a larger one the second time it is sung to fortissimo. After C is sung the second time and the song closes, the dynamics return to mezzo forte, and then decrescendos until it is pianissimo at the conclusion of the song.

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