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A gentle Discworld Troll, best under 0 degrees Celsius

Born in the mountains of Lancre and suitor of Ruby, Detritus became the first Troll to enter the Nightwatch of Ankh-Morpork under the commando of the then Captain Samuel Vimes. Already known to most discworld readers as a rather dimwitted bouncer, he was admitted to the city's security forces when the Patrician decided that the watch personnel should reflect the ethnic makeup of the city, consisting mainly of humans, dwarfs and their archenemies, the trolls (and later of course Werewolfs, Gnomes, Vampires, Zombies and Golems).

A gentle soul but unfortunately not the brightest during the warm months of the year (due to his silicate brain working better in lower temperatures), he has nevertheless the strength to enforce the law with his Siege bow giving him the playful nickname "one man army".

Detritus makes his first appearance as a watchman in Terry Pratchett's Men at Arms, and is promoted to Sergeant by the time of the war with the Klatchians.