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Everything is a Community

We are indeed a community. There are rumors, gossip, cliques, factions, outcasts, loners.

Why do we daylog? Daylogs get a bad reputation because they are so easy... Almost nothing is really wrong in a day log, so a lot of crap gets put up. There are good daylogs, though. If you like someone's writing, then the extra information about their life is beautiful.

Why are they there, the daylogs? Do you read them? Do you read the old ones? Does anyone have one of your daylogs bookmarked? Why not? Daylogs shouldn't be written for yourself... Daylog for the ages.


  • I came back from New York this morning, flying down I-95. I had to go to work.
  • It looks like the daylogs are getting better. There is still some ugly stuff in there, and it looks like there is a lot of systematic voting going on. Noders! Read before you vote, even the daylogs.
  • I doubt swankivy needs to diet... you like fine, silly

Last year

  • Kung Had just ended a project, and it sounded like his love life was pretty rocky. Did he leave his job? Has he found someone else?
  • Arrowfall met a guy... How dreamy! Did they work out?
  • Fugitve247 was pregnant. (That's a really masculine nick, but whatever, right?) What did she have? What did she name her newest Nodelet?
  • It was Perdedor's birthday. I guess it is again, huh?
  • Slappyjack was attempting to quit smoking. How did that go?
  • Dann was able to pay his tuition. Is he still going to school?
  • Bonnet was having migraines... That sucks.
See? See how interesting we are? Are you interesting?

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