One fifth of a half of a century away, the pain races forwards and hits me just below my left eyebrow. Another painting ruined - the last one worth finishing, before the accid^H^H^H^H^H mistake, was still pulling in the GETs, and those nice advertisers paying me just enough to live on, painting Jellyctrons sideways and backwards until the debt was cut off.

You must excuse the occaisional meme-mixing - my chosen media doesn't use disctinctions the way softs still do

I was hard fnar for a while, till the *DELETED* cut me off from my body, then I was soft fnar-fnar?, the first such swap (as far as they admitted to the Sun) but I didn't adapt to the fs fast enough, and ended up kicking myself out of the network. the ME that remembers (all this) changed, became less hardware-oriented, more soft-thinking, while the ME trapped in a coma tried to avoid spilling scotch broth on my new shirt.

the radio was on, if i remember correctly (and I'm assured I do - the car thought i liked the radio) just before it, but the thunder was louder than the tinny little speakers in the headrest and the lightning much more interesting than the road ahead, so i switched out of manual (hardly worth it any more anyway). Problem was, cars don't like (water + electricity) += zapp so she pulled off the road (making me late for the meeting w/ the eventual buyer).

the two MEs do different things very well, but we can't work at the same time due to the time-difference, and we can't get close due to the magnets.

she likes it better over there anyway.

the moon passes me tidbits sometimes, beaming it into the chunk of brain that isn't really here, but somewhere beneath us both)

i wish I could see the grassy side, but she doens't like the idea of all this metal and concrete and mechtechcompnetnewshit that i use.

Maybe someday.