Roll for shoes is a simple roleplaying game in, which you can play out a story made by the game master. Before playing this game you can make a character very easily, all you have to do is write a character name and 1 skill, ‘do anything 1’. While playing the game anytime you want to do something you would roll 1, D6 dice (as represented by the 1 in the skill name). The game master will choose a number of dice that they believe is equal to the difficulty of the challenge and in order to succeed a player must roll higher than this amount.

If every dice you roll is a six you gain a new, more specific skill, for example ‘kicking 2’. This skill will be more specific but also more powerful as you can roll 2 dice for it. If you fail a skill check then you gain 1 XP, which you can spend to turn a dice roll into a six.

That is the entire game system, it is extremely simple especially when compared to more rule heavy games such as dungeons and dragons, to the point where it is more like one of the paper and pencil games. However I think that this simplicity benefits the game as it allowed for me and my friends to set up a game in minutes, I would recommend this game if you want to have some quick fun playing a RPG, however if you want something more crunchy with a more cohesive rule-set, then this may not be for you.