Listen jackass! I'm only gonna say this once: If I ever catch you anywhere near my fucking car, I'm gonna beat you with your own leg which I ripped from your limp body!

How fucking dumb do you have to be to jack your next door neighbor's CD player, get caught, and then try it again two weeks later?

My buddy looked like his eyes were about ready to pop out of his skull as he ripped apart his rail-thin, meth addicted neighbor with his eyes. The cops let the kid go, because he's only 16 and he doesn't have much of a rap sheet.

So after my buddy's raging rant the kid had the gall to say, "Fuck you!" Kids these days have no respect! No respect, I tell you! I had a Swisher cigarillo in my mouth and I was about ready to burn it into his skull. It's amazing how hatred can help you be more creative. I think over a thousand different ways to torture Tommy (let's just call him Tommy) the Meth-head ran through my mind. I bet it was over a million in my buddy's mind.

Now here comes the strange buddy runs upstairs, tells me to stay, and he comes back down with a BB gun and a half-eaten bag of Doritos. He tells Tommy the Meth-head to take the Doritos and get his ass back inside or he'd cap his behind.

Tommy the Meth-head gives my buddy the weird-eye and then he snatches the Doritos and runs up the stairs as quick as possible to his own rat-infested apartment in his mustard stained wifebeater.

I asked my buddy why he just gave him something, and he said, "The dude was just hungry. He should have just asked me for food, but I wouldn't have given it to him. He'll keep doing the same shit, but if no one shows him that they give a damn whether he lives or dies, he'll never change."

I will always remember that no matter how fucked up people are, sometimes all they need is someone to let them know they give a fuck whether or not their heart is still beating.