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And now for something completely different...

The Frying Pan is one of the thirteen surviving lightships that were at one time operated by the United States Coast Guard, though the ship is no longer in active service.

Originally stationed just off of the Frying Pan Shoals about thirty miles off the coast of North Carolina to protect ocean-going vessels from the shoals' dangers the ship, commissioned in 1930, left active service in 1965. After being abandoned at a dock in Chesapeake Bay for a decade, the ship inexplicably sunk.

That would've been the end of it, were it not for the efforts of a group of salvagers three years later who raised the boat from the bay's floor and, rather than having her sold for parts, sold her to a group of restoration buffs who restored her hull to its original condition. Her interior was left as it was, however, barnacles and all. The ship is currently docked at Pier 63 of New York City's Chelsea Piers.

Let me tell you: this ship is creepy, particularly at night as especially if you're a little intoxicated. It's not like it's haunted or anything - no lives were lost when she sank to the bottom of the sea, but there's an odd stillness about the thing, and a kind of restlessness. It's also one helluva place to hold a party - its current owners have outfitted her with a kickass sound system and a full bar but have otherwise left her totally intact.

The Frying Pan is listed on both the New York State and Federal Registers of Historic Places.