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A Vertigo imprint comic, published by DC Comics. Written by Brian Azzarello and pencilled by Eduardo Risso, it's probably the best piece of of graphic literature that i've read since The Sandman, one of those where the world seems different after closing the book.

The basic premise is that there's this guy called Agent Graves, who finds people with a reason to get back at somebody and gives them incontrovertible evidence of the wrong that's been done them and the identity of the perpetrator of that wrong, and a gun with 100 untraceable bullets in an attache case.

After that, what happens is up to them. The story now grows more complex with the addition of Mr. Shepherd and the Minutemen but nothing has yet equalled the pure storytelling skill of the first arc, in which Isabella "Dizzy" Cordova finds out who it was that ruined her life.

I can't recommend this strongly enough - if you read comics or if you don't, get this one. It's fabulous.