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aka Joseph Saddler, was born in Barbados and is well known in the hip-hop scene for his scientific invention of many Dj techniques. These have morphed into current skills, see: scratch dj terminology.

Flash took DJ Kool Herc's established full break track invention and lengthy breakbeat segues to the next level for the b-boys wanting non-stop breakdance action. The full on mixing also provided MCs the opportunity to rock the mic longer and steadier.

Flash and his MC crew (headed by Melle Mel) the Furious Five (Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five), became a huge sensation and are the most widely known innovators of the early hip-hop era.

The name Grandmaster came from Mr. Saddlers' skills on the level of martial-arts mastery and intellectual moves such as a chess chief strategist. Flash came from the comic book hero of the same name, reflecting the hectic fast pace at which the talented DJ performed.

Afrika Bambaataa and Kool DJ Herc were the other most well known figures at the genesis of hip-hop.