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A Simon's Rock Improbability Field is the the small, localized field of skewed probability that surrounds anyone who has attended Simon's Rock College (in Great Barrington, Massachusetts). The physics of the Simon's Rock Improbability Field are as follows:

Anyone who has attended Simon's Rock College posesses a weak but present improbability field, causing unusual events to happen around the individual in question on a daily basis. When two or more persons possessing Simon's Rock Improbability Fields enter the same general vicinity, the fields synergize, creating more and more fantastic effects and situations. The local improbability field surrounding Simon's Rock College itself is so strong that the college has long since tunneled through the borders of reality and has, in effect, created its own pocket universe where normal social, physical and mental laws no longer apply.

This phenomenon has been observed elsewhere, particularly around residents of the city of Bellingham, Washington.