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Tylenol 3 is acetaminophen plus codeine. Codeine is an opium alkoloid, and the ingredient that makes this a schedule III drug. Most Tylenol 3 tablets contain a little over 300mg of acetaminophen and around 30mg of codeine. With that amount of codeine per pill, one can easily use Tylenol 3 for recreational purposes. A dose of 3 to 6 pills should be sufficient for almost anyone. Remember there are negative effects of Tylenol 3. The most noticeable ones being nausea and itching.

During my first recreational Tylenol 3 encounter, the nausea came and went. However it was neither unbearable nor highly unpleasant. Every once in a while I would feel a little hungry, but eating made the nausea worse. The itching was slightly distracting, but tolerable as well. Over all it was a very positive experience. I felt a little warm and fuzzy and slow, but I also felt happy and motivated. I ended up baking some oatmeal cookies and listening to a lot of music.

Warning: like all other drugs Tylenol 3 should be taken carefully by a well informed user because you can potentially overdose