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By morning, I do research in communications, linguistics, and memory for a very small company (I'm employee #6) that trains corporate executives in effective public speaking. I then synthesize these interesting studies about effective communication into a cute little "Did You Know?" fact which I e-mail to our clients about once every two weeks. I also goof around a lot, which is at least partially where E2 comes into the picture.

By afternoon and early evening, I study History and English at the University of Minnesota. The emphasis in the earlier is Medieval Europe (more specifically yet, the military history thereof) and the emphasis in the latter is composition and creative writing. I should graduate in the summer of 2006 with a fancypants undergraduate degree that is more or less worthless in terms of earning potential. Graduate school is bewildering and ungodly expensive, so instead I hope to continue evading reality by kicking it 1970s style and joining the Peace Corps.

By night, I drink.

I enjoying pursuing knowledge on topics I don't know -- I have some designs on being a librarian, which seems like a logical fit with this sort of approach to life. Most of my E2 work hitherto (and likely henceforth) will be on topics I know exist, but don't otherwise know the story behind. I'm also brimming with hometown pride, so I'll probably write a fair amount about Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota.

That, and I do love saving nodeshells.

Chatterbox frightens me, but we should still talk sometime.

AIM: WallyWalrus03
e-mail: nsteffel at gmail dot com