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It describes an imaginary condition of those who suffer from chronic symptoms of boredom or those who are constantly bored. There is no relief for chronic boredom and the patient only experiences of more or less bored. Chronically bored people can be characterized as those who constantly say "I'm bored" and then later fidget to display how displeased they are with the lack of amusing things to do.

Those who are chronically bored also may suffer from hyperactivity and could have ADD or ADHD. Chronic boredom can lead to more serious conditions like depression, addiction, or hairbrained schemes at four in the morning.

If you are anyone you know may be chronically bored please seek help with amusing tasks. Those most likely to suffer chronic boredom are: those living in the backwoods, chronic net users, and people who can recite at least ten movies verbatim (not counting any Star Wars ones).