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Me, a long time ago
I like to to get my friends to write random stuff all over my trews. I carry a big black marker or two around with me all the time so random people can tag me or my trews. I also write notes on my arms so I remember important stuff when i'm going to bed.

Me in 2003
I've calmed down a lot, I think. Uni came and went (4 months, oops) and now I live in a shared house, being a student with the uni-goers, quietly working on my own stuff to keep me from going insane whilst I look for a job. I've suspended my search for the perfect girl for the time being, I think I found someone pretty close.

Me in 2005
Still bouncing from Uni to menial work and back, still looking for that golden opportunity. Found the girl, though.
Next update scheduled in 2 years' time.