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Regarded as one of the more fearsome enemies in the game Xenophobe, as well as one of the most fun things to play against the other PC's, the Snotterpillar is a most interesting encounter:

The snotterpillar is about 6 foot tall when standing, and is mostly green, with a grey stomach...it looks like a cross between a Slug and Bun Bun.

This creature is highly aggressive and fairly intelligent; if confronted with a predator of equal or greater intelligence, it will not merely charge, but makes great use of it's slime-spitting technique to blind and/or distract it's enemies while either running away, or encouraging some of it's previous stage relatives, the rollers, to attack, thus often toppling the enemy from their feet so that the Snotterpillar may properly attack.

The Snotterpillar is very strong, using it's mass and speed to bowl over an enemy, and it's acidic slime spit to corrode and confuse the enemy so that the larvae may devour it for nourishment. Truly a fearsome predator, this creature.

The Snotterpillar is best destroyed utilizing the zap-rifle while crouching, so that any of it's younger relatives coming to aid it on the floor are pushed away, and any stage 5 aliens do not paralyze you while standing so that the Snotterpillar may freely attack you. Do not underestimate this fiendish foe, for it works well with it's relatives toward your destruction.

The stations must be saved, and the alien menace ended!