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Wendell Gushing Neville was born in Portsmouth, Virgina and graduated from Naval Academy in 1890. Like George Barnett and John Lejune, the two previous commandants, he opted to take his commission in the Marines after his two years of sea duty as a midshipman.

When the Spanish-American War started, he became of member of the battalion serving under Lieutenant Colonel Robert Huntington. He saw action at Guantanamo and received the new Brevet Medal; which ranks as high as the Medal of Honor, which was not given out to officers. In 1914, he received the Medal of Honor as officers could now receive this medal, as a result of performances as a regimental commander. His commanding officer at this time in Veracruz was John Lejune.

When World War I came, Neville requested to be transfered to France to serve with the newly created Marine Brigade. He saw action at Belleau Wood, where he became the commanding officer of the brigade.

After only sixteen months in office, Nevelli died. An interesting fact about him, is his offical portrait was never finished and a replacement soldier was used as the model.

Information for this node was taken from http://hqinet001.hqmc.usmc.mil/HD/Historical/Frequently_Requested/Commandants.htm