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Actress Annie Potts has been in a number of movies but is most well known for her role as Mary Jo on the television show Designing Women. She was born October 28, 1952 in Franklin, Kentucky. She became interested in acting at an early age and studied the craft at Stephens College in Missouri. She married her college sweetheart, Steve Hartley, in 1973. Shortly after this she was in an automobile accident that resulted in her husband losing his leg, and Annie having extremely painful arthritis from then on. The couple divorced in 1978.

Annie starred in her first series, Goodtime Girls, in 1980, and married her second husband, B. Scott Senechal, around that same time. The couple had a son they named Clay. She then went on to star in 18 movies and in the hit show Designing Women. In 1989, she and her second husband divorced. She married director James Hayman in 1990 and the couple had two sons, Doc and Harry. These days most of her projects are television movies.

She has received Emmy nominations for Outstanding Female Actor three times, and a Golden Globe nomination in 1979.

Her film credits include:

Ghostbusters (Janine, the "bug-eyed" secretary)
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Pretty in Pink (Iona, record shop owner- my favorite of her roles)
Ghostbusters II
Who's Harry Crumb? (Helen, the nympho lush)
Breaking the Rules
Toy Story & Toy Story 2 (the voice of Bo Peep)

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