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A 1989 action/ adventure movie:

Director: Brian De Palma
Starring: Michael J. Fox, Sean Penn
Running time: 2 hours
Rating: R

A truly disturbing look at the deterioration of the hearts of some while having to confront the hell of war. Fox and Penn, still practically kiddies, are fellow soldiers in a troop fighting in Vietnam. The troop is sent out on a final mission during the war, and the brutal Penn character decides to take a female hostage along with them in the brush, so the troop can entertain themselves whilst on their mission. The cruelty in Penn’s character reflects the extent of damage his exposure to so much evil and violence has created within him, as well as in others. Fox’s character still has a heart and objects to the rape and torture the girl is forced to endure, but is unsuccessful at stopping it. Fox attempts to tell superiors later on, but is looked upon as being the bad guy because he broke “the brush code of honor” by speaking of said events. That’s about all I can reveal without ruining the movie.

A decent film, all in all, though I admit I have a hard time watching war movies. They disturb me 1,000 times more than any typical horror film, because often war movies are based on truth. And well, the truth of war is one of the scariest realities in living. Sean Penn’s New Jersey accent in the film could have been better, and I’m sorry, but it’s difficult to watch sweet ‘ol Fox in such a movie without a bemused smile. (Alex Keaton goes to war! Oh dear!) It’s worth a watch, but for me, not one to view repetitively. The casualties of war are too numerous and heartwrenching to stock my brain with on a constant basis.