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I'm a very introverted person.

I'm also a Deacon in my Church.

I was called to be a Deacon.

The phone call came at about 7:00pm on Wednesday of 2012 (I didn't apply for the position, somebody submitted my name to the Church…).

I don't know why anyone would think that an introverted Deacon in a Church is a good thing, but I've given this some thought, and perhaps shyness is a gift of the Holy Spirit?

I'm one of those wall-flower people who likes to be in the background and doesn't call attention to themselves, but my shyness is useful, in that, it gives extroverts something to do.

I may remain shy and in the background here on E2, but that doesn't mean you have to. Anyone here is welcome to email me anytime about anything, and all emails to me are considered sacred; I will never reveal the contents of any email publicly to anyone else, because my philosophy is that personal emails are nobody else's business.

I've been a Deacon for about a year now, and to this day I've never found out who recommended me to the Church.

Praise The Lord, and life is good.