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According to the bible, Lot was considered by God to be a righteous man and his story tells a lot of what righteous means in the context of Christianity. When a bunch of men came to break down his doors to rape some of his guests, he wanted to send his daughters out to be raped by the men. Apparently, he thought that this would calm them. In an ending foreseen by anyone with any sense at all of human psychology, it didn't calm them at all.

In another context--relatively modern sanity--this sort of direct and obvious child sacrifice is rightly seen as horrible and antirighteous behavior. However, in the context of the entire rest of the bible, child sacrifice is explicitly and obviously condoned by God.

No Christian who has thought much about it says, after all, that, since God is the ultimate of good beings, God wouldn't stoop to child sacrifice ! (How could you think such a thing of God ?!) They all admit that the most righteous being in the universe actually did throw his own child out to those who would sacrifice him (Jesus, God's son, was tortured for hours on end and died as a result they say). Ask any Christian (go on, I'll wait). God's own child sacrifice is the central and most obvious message of Christianity !