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OntologicalOldGuy is a virtual entity,specifically an E2 virtual being. He believes his Ghost Writer is also a virtual entity, but is unfortunately unable to prove it. They compare in the following ways:

Name of Entity: GhostWriter ---------- OntologicalOldGuy

Type of Entity:  Persona -------------- Person (at least that is the plan)

Age of Entity:    70 years ------------- About 11 years, plus number of months since Sep 2015 (beginning of E2 use)

World View:       Ancient Egyptian ----- None

Now for a bit of information about the Persona:

Married 48 years. Six kids: 3 boys, 3 girls, most of them at least as old as the average E2 user. Many of them just as liberal.

Special Interests:

  • Hypocephali - (plural for hypocephalus, a disk amulet placed under the head of Ancient Egyptians upon burial). Especially of interest when visualized as a plan or map of the cosmos.
  • Sons of Horus - Four lesser deities of the underworld who assisted the Egyptian king in his acension to the heavens. Dict p 275.
  • Merkabah Mysticism - A "First phase in the development of Jewish mysticism" (Trends, by Scholem, p 40) Concerns the Chariot of God in the heavens as documented by Ezekiel.
  • The Living Creatures - The Four Beasts, or Living Creatures as documented in Apolyptic Literature. IMO, made to represent the creatures of heaven.
  • Forms - The Platonic concept of some sort of pattern or set of patterns, toward which all things strive.
  • Being - The idea of self, or the idea that I am something rather than merely a byproduct of physical parts that were accidentally formulated.
  • Light, Space, and Time - What appear to be the building blocks of our current residence.
  • Kingdom of God - A religious motif of highly ambiguous construct, especially with regard to time and place.

Writeup Trails:

For the Empathetic (Byline)



Note to Self:

This needs to go in a writeup, perhaps "Doumenting collective ignorance" or the "codefying of jgjgjg," or just plain "Hubris."

Here is the way my Ghost Writer put it awhile back:

Fifteen years ago, whenever I used the word "application," the person I was talking to would immediately ask me, "what is an application?" Now, no matter what your talking about, someone says, "there is an app for that." Yet they have no more idea of what an application is than the person I was talking to fifteen years ago. I am currently trying to change IP providers. Nobody at Comcast, Best Buy, or anywhere else, seems to know the difference between Cat5 (Ethernet) cable and twisted pair (phone cable). None of them know the difference between RJ45 (Ethernet plug) and RJ11 (phone plug). What language do you use to talk to these people? They are working with this stuff every day. How do they talk to each other about their own tasks? I'll bet the guys at the Best Buy, Geek Squad don't even know what a computer is. At least, not the ones I talk to. Then, we all want to buy an Apple, so we can know even less about it.

So maybe we will start out talking about Cat5 cable. Na... Let's just keep looking for a common language. A language we can use to engage a more diverse audience. So, my Ghost Writer  must have eventually figured out how to communicate with his wife. Big deal. One of us needs to figure out how to communicate with the rest of the world. Since he seems to be taking forever to get anywhere with that, I decided to do it myself. So here we go, with tales of the empathetic; long live the OntologicalOldGuy.