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Most of the
is living
in nations

This is through some twist
of geography and orthography.

China and India.
Have 2.5 billion.
And America.
More than 316 million.

Indonesia has
Millions over 240.
And Russia adds
Yet another 140.

And though South America
Has the most in Brazil....
Columbia, Venezuela, Argentina, and Bolivia
Add in 126 mil.
North to Central America,
Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama.

And in Africa,
from Angola to Zambia....
The most populous lands are
Nigeria and Ethiopia
(and now, there's Eritria),
South Africa, Rhodesia.
Tanzania, Uganda,
Kenya and Ghana.

In Europe, Romania,
Austria, Armenia, Albania.
In the nearby Middle East
Syria and Saudi Arabia.

And we yet have in Asia
North Korea, South Korea,
Malaysia, Cambodia.

And in North America
Cuba and Canada
Now jet south to Australia.
And some miscellaneous lands--
Andorra, Jamaica, Tonga.

So though you very well may
live in Chile,
or Germany, Mexico
France, the UK,
It will be true tomorrow,
As it is today,
That most live in nations
Ending in 'A.'