An art film/anime written and directed by Mamoru Oshii. This film wasn't very sucessful when it came out, but has gained a cult following ever since it's release. This film is by far the most obscure and incomprehensible of Oshii's films. In fact, when he was asked about what the film was about, he just said, "I don't know, " leaving the meaning up to the people watching it. The character designer/main artist Yoshitaka Amano said that he thought that it was a very personal film about Oshii's loss of his childhood love of christanity. At one point Oshii was so anamored of chritstanity that he wanted to become a monk for the rest of his life, but if one has seen the first Patlabor movie, his opinion of avid christians is now not very high.

This film is only currently availible as a fansub, but should eventually be released by a company in the united states that specializes in art films. Also ignore the Canadian and Australian realeses, because they have been edited a fair amount.