An anime series that is a spin-off of Mobile Suit Gundam. Unlike the original Gundam this one is not very good, but sadly, it is the best anime(in my opinion) shown on American TV. Parts of this series are good. Like the fact that(unlike most anime on Toonami) it almost has a decent plot. A few of the characters are well done, in particular Lady Une, but it's main characters, the Gundam pilots, are just a bunch of unrealisticly emotionly disturbed pretty boys.

I and hopefully most other anime fans hope that the popularity of this series will convince the managers of Cartoon Network to actually show some of the better Gundam series. One can only hope.

I should also mention that this is the first totally uncut anime (if you don't count the intro and end credits, and are watching it during the midnight run) to be shown on US television. I hope this is the start of a trend, and that other series will be handled in a simmilar manner.