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Fade previously known as untitled.

traded heros for reruns
we won't even remember
when did we become so old
beat and forgotten, left out in the cold
your smile is wearing thin
trying to pretend you're not dying within

we became ghosts in hallways
lone spectres drowning sorrows
drunk in placid sedation
langushing in quiet desperation
broken down minds empty brains
wasting away until nothing remains

you feel the madness screaming
howling in your ears at night
it never lets you forget
how you will always be an idiot
the same familiar voice
saying you're worthless, that you have no choice

the scars never disappear
reminders of so much pain
stab it with your steely blades
the sensation never fades
trying to kill it away
hoping to feel alive again someday

still think about you sometimes
it just seems like yesterday
are you so blind, can't you see
This wasn't how it was supposed to be
the future was so bright
we still believed in things at first sight