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Scene: Pinocchio's room. A hand slides Pinocchio's legs out of his hip joints. "You're in timeout. Don't let me catch you doing that again." Rock music begins. Camera scans the walls of the room. Fade to a shot of Pinocchio looking about the room, from the front, with half the face on screen. Fade to close-up of the hip disarticulation; Pinocchio is feeling about for his legs. Rapidly zoom out to a front shot of Pinocchio seated. Geppetto ties the legs together on a string. Shot of Pinocchio from above, walking on his hands and bottom. Geppetto hangs Pinocchio's legs from a hook. He then leafs through a book, removes a page, and walks over to Pinocchio. "Lie down; let me have a look at you." But strangely, the legs, though dangling from a string, are still moving.

Geppetto leaves the room. The puppet climbs the dresser and feels around inside the drawers. He pulls out his pet bee in a jar. Geppetto comes back to touch up Pinocchio's stain job, strokes Pinocchio with a brush a few times, and then leaves.

Recall that Geppetto has made some really freaky toys for his son. Pinocchio pulls out a doll with a flat head that can be spun about, puts it back, and closes the drawer. But then the drawer mysteriously opens, knocking Pinocchio over. So much for "Weebles wobble but they don't fall down."

Geppetto's back. He repairs a small crack in Pinocchio's head. Fearing that his son might climb up and retrieve his legs, Geppetto stuffs the legs in his pocket and takes them with him. Pinocchio looks off to the side and sees a huge caterpillar-like creature climbing out of a drawer. It scares the puppet so much, his head begins to spin. Pinocchio begins to pull out an action figure, but Geppetto puts his foot down, saying "You're supposed to be thinking about what you did."

Pinocchio paints a black stripe across his body; Geppetto sees how sad his son is, holds him in his arms, and wipes the paint off. Pinocchio wiggles his hand; Geppetto pushes it back down to the ground. Geppetto leaves the room and closes the door; fade to black.

This has been a bastardization of the music video for Prison Sex by Tool. And no, this story is not gay.
Pinocchio interpretation inspired by http://www.joeclark.org/QiYE34.html
Scene from this interpretation: http://pineight.8m.com/yerricde/discipline.html

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