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A believer in miracles, angels, and demons
In castles of Reason with enchanted gardens
In statues that bleed and paintings that weep
In infinite wrath, and infinite mercy
In unyielding justice and prodigal sons
In robes of rich colors and garments of sackcloth
In the last who come first, while the mighty are humbled
In fanfares of trumpets and pealing of bells
In silence and fasting and prayers for the world
In drawing the sword and turning the cheek
In Nature as sister, child of the same Father
In Christ the Redeemer, and brother, and friend
In a Man on a cross with a crown made of thorns
In a God that is found in the breaking of bread
In a world with no sickbeds, no graveyards or prisons
In a Lord of the living, not of the dead
"Why do you seek Him here? Go, He is risen."