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I taught a training session on how to schedule meetings in Microsoft Outlook yesterday, the first time I've taught this class. Ten people showed, and over the course of the hour only one person actually fell completely asleep. They can't all be winners, folks.

On Sunday we heard the upstairs neighbor across the way yelling at his little girl. It was unclear just what he was mad about, but he called her a retard. Angela said that a few weeks before she'd passed the two of them on the sidewalk and he was angry at her because he'd had to pay $115 on her medicine. Yesterday morning I heard the two of them coming down the stairs as he took her to school; they were playfully counting the steps together in unison as they descended. I keep thinking I want to leave that girl an anonymous Christmas present this year. Maybe a book about a happy little girl who doesn't have a bigoted, surly Neanderthal for a dad.

Our supervisor, whatever her other merits, cannot spell her way out of a bag. We're doing some testing in preparation for a software upgrade later this week and she sent our group an email that referred to us as "genie pigs". I still can't stop laughing.