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Here are some websites that can help you improve your node writing skills. While I dislike having URLs that can lead you away from Everything2 (we'd miss you, shucks), I think these can help improve E2 and your node prowess.


  • http://www.nutsandboltsguide.com
    This site is geared towards college students. It provides general writing guides and references. Topics include structure, quotations, citing, grammar and plagiarism. The Top Ten Mistakes list will help you eliminate a lot of simple errors that may contribute to downvotes.


  • http://www.bartleby.com/reference
    There are seven complete texts on style here, including the Bible on the subject, The Elements of Style, by Strunk and White, and The King's English by Fowler.


  • http://ccc.commnet.edu/grammar
    This site gives excellent advice on grammar. You can select from sentence, paragraph and essay categories. This site focuses on grammar and argument (opinion) construction. You can use the PowerPoint presentations to learn several grammar lessons.


  • http://owl.english.purdue.edu
    This site features rules, punctuation, parts of speech, writing style tips and exercises for self-improvement.


  • http://www.theslot.com
    Created by the Washington Post Copy Chief Bill Walsh. This site has lessons presented in a humorous light, and is geared towards copy editors. It shows you what to look for in your own writing.


  • cameodesign.hypermart.net/december.htm
    General document layout tips geared towards layout. If you node using extended HTML or graphics, there are some excellent style tips for you. The most significant tip for new noders: pay attention to white space.


  • http://www.fictorians.com
    An interesting little website that tends to fly under the radar. Posts articles for writers every weekday. Each month has a theme. Has one ad that rotates books by the folks who write the articles so you won't get clobbered by obnoxious popups. (Added Dec 2017)

  • http://www.economist.com/research/styleGuide/
    Submitted by vruba

    After reading Everything University, you should peruse some of the above sites. As a technical writer, I find myself visiting the above sites for references and lessons several times a year.


    Data from the Denver Post