One of the classic gimmick matches of professional wrestling, though whether it has produced any truly "classic" matches is debatable.

The object of this match is to climb up a tall pole attached to one of the ring posts and retrieve the international object perched on top. The rule is that whoever gets the item first gets to use it on his or her opponent without being disqualified by the referee, although this is rarely if ever followed as the match is usually no DQ anyways. That never made any sense to me, I mean, why climb up a pole to get the stupid thing when there are any number of steel chairs aroung the ring ready to be taken with little or no effort? Just slide out the ring, push away the wimpy ring announcer and take one! Take one of the steel stairs, take a piece of guardrail, take the Spanish Announce Table, the ringbell, the title belt, Stone Cold Steve Austin's cooler, whatever! Take it and smash it into your opponent who's currently scrambling up a nine foot pole to get a bloody pair of brass knuckles, IT'S NO DQ!!