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The one true editor for Macs (the mac version of Emacs on longer sucks as much, but it still seems to be clinging to the past). A text editor (as opposed to a word processor) that uses Tcl as it's scripting language. Contains many of the basic Emacs commands and many many of it’s own; There are an insane amount of keyboard shortcuts (about 300, if memory serves). It has 40 different editing modes, including ones for all kinds of programming languages (C++, Python, Perl, Tcl...). Currently at version 7.4.1; The author no longer has enough free time to work on it, so it’s been taken up by the “Alpha Cabal”, who are working on version 8.

The main homepage is at: http://alpha.olm.net
The Alpha Cabal homepage is at: http://www.his.com/~jguyer/Alpha/Alpha8.html