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I'm sure this will end up on the great big GTKYN cutting room floor in the sky, but why not.

I believe in nothing. Or more correctly, I believe in me.

I believe that I am wholly responsible for my own actions.

I believe that when I win an Academy Award, I shouldn't thank God for something I accomplished myself through hard work.

I believe that when I fuck up, I should be honest and not blame anyone else.

I believe that your friends can only take you so far.

I believe that when you die, you stay right where you are.

I believe that religion is a great way of making sure the poor don't rise up and kill the rich.

I believe that when lightning strikes me, it really is just dumb luck.

I believe in nothing that must be taken on faith alone.

I believe that one man can make a difference.

I believe that no one should force their beliefs on others, especially religious beliefs.

I believe that my friends find my beliefs very depressing.