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Excerpts That Have Spoken to Me From Multiple Personality From the Inside Out Edited by Barry M. Cohen, Esther Giller, Lynn W. Sidran Press

Chapter 9 "Other Voices"

Dedicated to my best friend and cheerleader.

p. 206
"Living with someone who experiences MPD has changed, enriched, and deepened my life. She is wonderful in many ways. She is one of the most creative people I've ever met. Living with a person with MPD demands integrity on the part of the significant other. A person with MPD will mirror those parts of yourself that need work. If you accept the challenge to change, they will accept nothing short of your best effort. I suggest that significant others look within themselves for answers when problems arise in "the relationship." MPD may not always be the reason for the relationship dilemma. In fact, MPD may become the scapegoat for areas of personal weakness and immaturity in the "normal" partner. It has been said that relationships "sand us down to the core of our divinity..."

by Elizabeth M.

p. 222
"MPD is just something to work through, like depression, or alcoholism, or any of the other difficult things that go on in this world. It is not a death sentence, you will survive. And most importantly, so will the person with MPD. Make sure you let them know that -every week, every day, every hour, if necessary. Always keep hope, even in the face of doubt, sadness, fear, and rage. My significant other is the best thing that has ever happened to me. If it weren't for her ability to survive horrible, unexplainable, inhumane torture and abuse, my life would not be so rich. She is a gift, a wonder-not just to me, but to all the people whose lives she has touched."

--a friend of Lisa's

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