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you shouldn't hold recklessness and daring in the same pocket
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There's nothing noble about being a soldier
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West Wing Quotes:

Bartlett: "and if my arrows don't free the slaves then he shall suffer the plagues of my clavalry"
Senator: Sam! have you heard of X X, you recently funded his performance, which consisted of him destroying all his possessions outside a starbucks in hade-ashbury. Sam: I've done that a couple of times, I didn't know there was funding available.
NSA Advisor: I am however thinking of starting to reduce our nuclear arsenal one by one, if you know what I mean Sec Def: well, for one thing, every living organism within a 12 mile radius would die immediately.
Press Secretary: which the republicans like to call the 'death' tax, or the 'we're coming to get you're children' tax.
[the World Trade Organization Protesters are] "Yuppies on holiday"

My Art Recommendations grouped by media: and occasionally by rank [This List Followed By a Similar One Composed of Titles that won't Freak Non-Conformists of the Anime Otaku Mileau]


  • Electric Light Orchestra
    • "Prelude, and Twilight", off the TIME album two tracks, one piece
    • "Don't Bring Me Down"
  • "The Brazilian" - Genesis instrumental
  • "American Woman" - Guess Who as I understand it, a Canadian Band's commentary about how canadian men should be wary about female American War protesters in Canada
  • "99 Luftballons - Nena
  • "Where is My Mind" - Pixies
  • "December '63" - The Four Seasons
  • Carmina Burana - Carl Orff not as old as one might think... not as new either.
  • Pavane - have had hell trying to figure which one, It might be St. Saens, if he has one, but long, and elegant. Blissful.
  • Danse Macabre
  • Elgar's "Enigma Variations" I believe the matrix soundtrack track "clubbed to death" is a crib of the fifth movement of this piece, I'm unsure of which moviement, though, not that it's a total crib



      Static Two Dimensional


        • East Of Eden - John Steinbeck
        • Catch-22 - uhhh... Joseph Heller
        • The Great Gatsby - uhhh... tht Fitzgerald person

        My private teacher for drumming told me this anecdote...

        He was submitting his master's thesis to the committee of four professors who would critique, and accept the document. One of the professors, always changed the edits of one of the other three professors, so he would go in circles, from one professor who would put something in, to the professor who would take it out, and back again. This seems to be how things work at E2... so if I don't take you're advice on a node, it's either because I'm lazy, I disagree, or someone else told me to (not)do what you're asking.