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Humbug was also a text-based adventure game, created by Graham Cluley. (The game was not Rogue-like; in that there is no attempt at graphics of any sort. If you've played the game Adventure then you know what I mean.)

The game ran under DOS and was released as freeware, with hints and maps given to you if you registered your version of it. In May of 1997 the game was placed in the public domain; (This information, and downloads, available at http://www.grahamcluley.com
note: Graham Cluley is also the creator of Jacaranda Jim.

I'd tell you more about the game, but I haven't played it in years. I do remember that you're visiting your granddad, there's a gardener named Horace who'll bust your head with a tin of lozenges if you attack him. There's a shark in a room with some marzipan. I think you need the marzipan to lube up the tuba or something, but I never got very far in the game. There's a robot and a monkey in the basement. There are some pants and a particle accelerator upstairs. The vikings are to the east.