After the rushed release of Sonic Adventure in Japan for the Sega Dreamcast in 1998 Sega gave Sonic Team additional time to polish up some of the game's rough edges for its international release. This revised game featured some refinements and goodies and was released outside of Japan as Sonic Adventure International. Eventually Japan picked up the revision as well and the "original" Sonic Adventure was phased out.

Hollywood Video and Sega teamed up to provide a demo version of the international version and made this version available to rent for a limited time in July 1999 in the USA. This version, known as Sonic Adventure: Limited Edition, features all of the fixes and refinements plus some new voice production.

Note that this is not simply another version of Sonic Adventure International. The Limited Edition excludes the other goodies found in the international version. The Limited Edition was simply a way to provide gamers with a chance to try the game that was currently in production. Rental only, not for sale, etc.