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I've been going through things that I wrote here in the distant past and I've mostly been deleting them.  I'm kind of surprised at how close I was to being a fascist when I was like 15, and in retrospect that probably would have happened if it were actually conceivable that people who would want to radicalize me could stomach my existence.  Huh.  I was literally too annoying and miserable as a kid to become a nazi.  My, that does sound quite on brand for me.

Anyway the reason I'm going through and deleting stuff is that someone tried to get me fired over shit I wrote here long ago and honestly I don't think I wrote anything quite that awful but in general, keep your spouse at ease.

What could I have written that someone would lodge with my employer?

Do not have sex with horses. Seriously, don't.


It may have been ninteen years and a hundred and thirty days but I will still die on this hill.  In all those years my position on copulation with horses remains unchanged. I am opposed. Wherever it may be an institution, I am a champion of its abolition. Though history may judge me harshly for many things I have said and done, on this point I will yield to no one. The fires of hell may pour forth from the ground and take my body, the trident of Satan may rend my soul, but under no circumstances will I ever claim that horse fucking is fine, actually.

"Could you elaborate?" My boss asked,

"You're asking a lot of questions already answered by my statement." 


Having been through all of it I'm left with about 9 nodes that don't potentially dox me, make me relive early aughts trauma, or make me reminisce about high school confederate war propaganda.  Wow.  They really wanted us to not notice that our society and wealth were built on slavery. I'm genuinely kind of surprised it comes up so much whenever I was talking about studying.

If I could say something to myself from myself with time travel, it would probably be different from what I say I would say to myself if the technology was actually feasible. But what I'd probably say is, look, your shitty feelings are valid. The future will be no consolation, but that doesn't matter because it doesn't need to be. The people who hate you will always hate you, and that's actually kind of useful, but you're not really going to understand why until inception comes out in about nine years. That might be confusing; I'm not being literal about inception.