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"Dance like no one is watching, and love like its never going to hurt."
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January 18, 2002
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Hey, this is SknHedGurl, aka Antoinette. After spending some time on here, I have discovered there is much confusion about my nick, SknHedGurl. To clairfy, it is not implying a "nazi", but a group of people classified by their hair length/musical taste. I live in Sunny South Florida (its currently raining). As for why I'm here, well, to learn of course, and to contribute anything I can. My interests include playing saxophone, bass guitar, reading about religion, philosophy, psychology, chakras, new age, and various fiction authors. I have been involved in Martial Arts for most of my life as well (Aikido, Judo, Kempo, and Shotokan). I also own two boxers (the dogs not the underwear!), and have spent countless hours learning about the breed. I can tell this will be a work in progress, so I'm sure there is much more to come.