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Once, twice, thrice...

Officially, the next in the sequence is 'four times', followed by 'five times', and so on. It has been this way forever, and will be this way forever more.

Unofficially, we have a slew of words we can use. My favorite, and one of the more popular (1,570 results on Google1), is quadrice. This takes the prefix quad- and fits it onto the -ice suffix used by twice/thrice pattern in a pleasing way. If you prefer it without the 'r', quadice also appears occasionally (96 results on Google), but feels a bit choppy to me.

Unfortunately, perhaps the most 'official' term is frice, with 18,600 Google results, and one of the only two contenders with an entry on Wiktionary2 (most of these appear on Urban Dictionary, for whatever that's worth). While I don't have a strong objection to this form on its own, I dislike the contrast between thrice and frice, and thus refuse to use it. Even worse is the other Wiktionary entry, fourice (436 occurrences).

Other contenders include quarce, with 393 Google results, nearly all of them in reference to the game Deadly Rooms of Death (DROD)3, quance4, which is popular but indeterminately so, as there are a surprising number of people named Quance which ruins the search results, quartz, likewise indeterminate due to the stone, and tetrice, which is both good and fairly common, but appears to also be a favorite of spam lorem ipsum.


1. All Google rankings are measured with the search terms "{target term}" trice. This filters out spurious acronyms and (in the case of quadice) math games, but also shifts the results towards people and dictionaries discussing proposed and/or theoretical usages rather than actual examples of usage.

2. I would be remiss if I did not note that Wikipedia backs up its entries with quotations giving examples of use. It is worth checking out: Wiktionary: Frice.

3. DROD is a puzzle game in which users traditionally use extended adverbs of this sort to indicate room coordinates, e.g., "Twice North, quarce West". Pleasingly, there is an extended set: quarce, quince, sence, septence, octence, novence, tonce.

4. Quance also has a suggested follow-up series: penth, hexth, septh, octh, nonth, dex.