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Juelz is a boys name that is rapidly becoming more popular in some areas of America. I have noticed it increasing in North Carolina kindergartens, although the Social Security Administration says that it has cracked the top 1000 names only in the last few years.

The name is of very recent origin, coming from the stage name of LaRon Louis James, AKA Juelz Santana. Juelz has not commented on how he chose this name, although it is hard to miss its similarity to 'jewels'. It is pronounced jew-elz (/d͡ʒu'əlz/) -- rhyming with 'do-wells'.

Juelz is present in a number of creative spelling variants, however the original form is the only one to make it onto the top 1000 list. As of 2015, it was the 987th most popular name, placing it on rank with Brixton and Osvaldo, and just ahead of Bishop and Freddy (and, embarrassingly, just behind Gilbert, Truman, and Chevy). This is down from its peak in 2012, when it was 896th in popularity.

As an irrelevant side note, the name LaRon is not in the top 1,000 boys baby names for any year. Santana is, as a boys name only, and is currently out-performing Juelz at rank 869.