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My formal requests:
  • Help me figure out something more interesting to put on my homenode
  • If you downvote my stuff, please /msg me with a reason why. This is not because I want to try to convince you otherwise, its more because I'm pretty new around here and I want to get better. If you just don't like the subject matter, tell me... I'm not gonna get mad. If its because of my horrid horrid mispellings, let me know. If you don't like my structure, my grammar, my point of view, please, let me know. Like I said, chances are I'll message you back and say "thanks, I'll try something else in a later one." Never will I get mad about downvotes. I know when my writing is bad.

    Requests Fulfilled!
    golFUR wanted to know a list of recent influences - (books, music, whatever) and ancient influences still powerful enough to be valid today -

  • Leucosia - because good writing is sexy, and we all know that life is best lived when dancing to no music.
  • Yellowcard - because Ryan Key sings like I want to.
  • My Dog - as she teaches me to love unconditionally
  • Tucker Max - Because I love the idea of having all of my writings lead to one greater purpose
  • Helge the Moose - Because programming is an art, not a science, and I have to remember that if I'm ever going to get through this major.
  • Shusaku Endo, The Sea and Poison - The point of view shifts are simply amazing.
  • Xenogears - Plot. *drool*
  • Eric Clapton - Because I can't play guitar like him.
  • The Vandals - Lyrical Genius
  • The Aquabats! - Because they're super rad!
    I'm sure the list continues, because this is more of a list of those who inspire my life rather than just my writing, though I find those two greatly intertwined. More questions! Please!

    As a level 1, about half of my nodes didn't get over 10 votes. So now that I can vote, I'm going to use my votes to ensure that that does not happen to other noders. Each day I need to vote dump, I will pick ten random nodes of someone who is level 1, and vote on each.

    If you want an audit don't hesitate to ask, I'll be HAPPY to give you my opinion.