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Me again.

Nope, still no flying. Believe me, you can't be any more sad/annoyed about this than I am. It involves several factors, including still waiting for FAA medical results, weather, and my instructor being booked up solid for these two weeks (along with the only Cessna 172 in my school's fleet) doing a summer benefit program (I think) for wounded veterans who want to learn to fly. I'm okay with that.

So what else. Well, guns, I guess. I haven't played with any since my last report. I did, however, successfully submit my New York City application for a handgun permit (residence premises). In other words, I spent a couple of hours and over $400 for the privilege of handing the New York City Police department an application - which they will probably get to in a few months. Ah well.

If I get it, though, I know what gun I want.

I've always wanted a Colt 1911. Not just a modern 1911, because I don't want to carry it - I want a vintage 1911, WWII years or earlier; ideally an M1911A1 Government. I want a shooter, not a collector. It's really hard not to go looking, but I can't - because if I don't get the permit, it's going to be an entirely wasted effort and will involve me looking mournfully at something I can't have.

So here's hoping my permit comes through.

What else. Oh yes, the gym. I almost didn't go today - had to stay around the house waiting for a contractor (not my house or contractor, but whatevs, I live here and want the john to work). Around 6:30pm I starting mumbling about 'should go to the gym' online and helpful people sternly told me that yes I should, so I went.

Instead of the full circuit at 2 or 3 sets, I went for max weight (5RM or 10RM) at each station, and skipped a couple of arm stations when my right arm got a bit sore. I did up my elliptical trainer time from 38 to 42 minutes though. Hooray, got to enter another workout in Fitocracy.

Also, I came up with a new rule. On the way out of the gym I had a sudden powerful McDonald's craving. I haven't been in a few weeks. At first I was like 'no way, just drive home.' Then I thought about it. I had had so far today a bowl of wheat cereal, two cups of coffee and a ham sandwich on whole wheat with mustard. And I'd worked out. So I said "Okay then, but we're going to have some rules."

See, I eat McDonald's like a starveling hyena. It's disgusting. It's about the taste/smell (of the FRIES, McDuh) but it's also about fairly direct hunger response, stuffing food into my mouth. I hate myself every time, because I end up ordering more food because I'm not full - because I eat too fast. So eventually, I finish a huge McDonalds pigout and then feel like crap the rest of the day or weekend.

So I made a couple of rules for myself. Here they are.

  • McDonald's no more than once per week (unless on long highway road trip).
  • When at McD's, I can order no more than a standard meal at once, and it must include a large diet soda.
  • I must eat french fries one fry at a time. That includes swallowing.
  • I cannot order any more food unless I have finished all my food including the large diet soda.

So I tested this regime.

It works, holy crap.

I had two hamburgers (no cheese), a large fries, and a large diet Sprite (it was evening, no caffeine). Because I didn't want them to get cold, I ate the fries first, starting in the car on the way home (duh). But I ate them one at a time.

I ended up having a full ten minutes of french fries, and when I got to the bottom, and started my first hamburger, I was actually starting to feel full. So I had that hamburger, then thought about it, then had the second. After which I finished my Sprite. When I was done, I was home, and I felt full.

But not disgusting.

Half an hour later, I still feel just pleasantly full, and not disgusting (modulo the usual 'hm I had fries I'm slightly greasy' feeling).

If I'd eaten at McD's in my usual way, I'd have had a Big Mac by now. On top of what I just had. Maybe a McFlurry too. (Yes, I know, I'm a pig, I admitted it).

So! Portion control. A new thing in my life. I know, I'm starting with McDonald's meals, but you know what, I'll take any progress. Maybe I should amend the rule to read 'no more than once a week and only immediately following the gym.'

More later.