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Professor Cuthbert Calculus is a brilliant (albeit absentminded and deaf) scientist who meets Tintin and Captain Haddock in the Tintin book Red Rackham's Treasure. He is constantly inventing gadgets, which range from useful (the Shark Submarine) and silly (the automated clothes brusher) to lethal (the sonic weapon) and awesome (the Atomic Moon Rocket).

Although he claims steadfastly that he's merely "A bit hard of hearing in one ear," it's pretty clear that Cuthbert is deaf as a post. He uses an ear-trumpet which doesn't seem to help much.

He's got a small goatee which, when he's irritated, bristles alarmingly. Otherwise, he's a short, bald-topped man with curly black fringes who wears small round glasses. Every once in a while he becomes obsessed with dowsing, for which he uses a small pendulum. The answers he gets are, needless to say, amusing.